Please, Time Warner, Let Business 2.0 Die Peacefully (In Print)

Business 2.0 grad (and current Valleywag editor) Owen Thomas reports that his alma mater may not be dead yet: Apparently Time Inc execs are going to consider selling the tech magazine instead of killing it.  Unfortunately, that’s not a huge win for its staff or readers.  Time Inc. tends to treat its employees quite nicely, and magazines that go through ownership changes tend to have a hard time of it–as Red Herring‘s remaining workers and subscribers have learned.

A modest proposal: Since Time Inc.’s ad staff is apparently struggling to sell ads for the print magazine, why not go ahead and close that — but move everyone except the print ad guys online? This has been done before: just last April, Time Inc. itself killed Teen People in print but retained an online shell for the title. And Business 2.0 has been Time Inc.’s most relevant online business publication for quite a while.

In her public proclamations Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore has said that her titles need massive scale to survive online, but that’s not necessarily true for a title like Business 2.0, which operates in a booming sector and whose audience has already moved entirely online. Give it a shot, Ann!  Or folks like Michael Arrington will gladly hire the staff you’ve paid to train and sell the ads you’re no longer running.

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