WATCH: NBC Evacuates News Team From Japan, Reports Live From The Evacuation

lester holt chris jensen

On Thursday morning, NBC executives made the decision to evacuate virtually its entire news team from Japan. 

Lester Holt tweeted “Just arrived JFK from Tokyo. Customs agent scanning us with Geiger counter as we step off jetway. Thank God I left those shoes behind.” 

Chris Jensen also left and reported on the evacuation as it happened.

“So we’re in the van. It’s only about two and a half hours since the decision was made that we needed to get out of Japan. You can see we have a car full of people. … There are vans of people who are leaving. We’re leaving behind a skeleton crew here. The rest of us are heading back to the States.”

“This is very strange. We’re journalists, experienced journalists. Leaving stories is not what we do. I’ve never had to leave a story. We’ve been everywhere… war zones, landed on exploding volcanoes so this is strange. It’s a little hard. We’re not wired to go away when a story is happening. It’s a very rare situation.”

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