Less Than One In Five Support The War In Afghanistan

A new CNN-ORC International Poll released this morning finds that fewer than one-fifth of Americans support the war in Afghanistan with more than 80% opposing it.

Support for the war has fallen over time. A 2008 CNN poll found 52% supported it compared to 46% in opposition. An Associated Press poll in May 2012 found that just 27% supported the war with 66% opposed. Now those numbers have fallen even further.

Only a third of the country believes the U.S. is winning the war while 57% say that it is going badly.

The U.S. is scheduled to remove nearly all troops from Afghanistan by December 2012. More than half the country would like American troops withdrawn even quicker than that.

These findings are consistent with a Washington PostABC News poll released earlier this month that found 66% did not believe the costs of the Afghanistan war were worth fighting. Conservative Republicans were the most likely to say the costs of the war were worth fighting, but still a majority of them believed it was not worth it.

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