Only 10% Of Enterprise Users Bought Vista (MSFT)


Just how big of a disaster has Windows Vista been for Microsoft (MSFT)?

Consider this Forrester report (paywall) obtained by Mary Jo Foley: With Windows 7 just around the corner, 71% of all enterprise PCs still run Windows XP. Vista, nearing the end of its lifecycle, has seen adoption rates of below 10% for enterprise customers throughout North America and Europe.

There may be pent-up demand for 7 since the enterprise has avoided Vista for so long. But with a recession and Microsoft still providing no direct XP-to-7 upgrade path corporate users may still shy away. No upgrade path could mean full re-installs of software on corporate machines moving off XP, which is dangerous, tedious, and expensive for the enterprise.

Windows 7 looks to be on-track for release this year. We need to know: What is Microsoft going to do for its customers on XP?

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