Leslie Jones has become the Olympics' most famous fan, but she joked that there is one sport she would never do

  • “Saturday Night Live” star Leslie Jones has become the Olympics’ most famous fan and went to Pyeongchang to offer commentary during different events for NBC.
  • During an appearance on NBC’s “Today,” Jones said “there is no best part, everything is incredible,” but that there is one sport she would never try – curling, which she referred to as a “janitor” sport.
  • Jones may not be a fan of curling, but it is clear from her social media accounts that she loves everything else about the Olympics.

Leslie Jones has become most famous fan of the Olympics, a role that began in 2016 with the Rio Olympics and has now continued at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Most recently, Jones put her fandom on display as she cheered for the US Women’s Hockey team, commenting on “ice ninjas” and the penalty box “concierge.”

After that, Jones stopped by NBC’s “Today” show where she was asked which sport she wouldn’t do. While something like skeleton or big air might seem like an obvious answer, she went with curling, something she referred to as a “janitor” sport.

“I just came from Curling,” Jones said. “I’m sorry, but the janitor games have started. I couldn’t watch it for ten minutes. That has been going on for 500 years and nobody thought to stop that.”

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