A young fan sent Leslie Jones the best message after she was harassed online

Leslie JonesGetty Images‘Ghostbusters’ has earned comedian Leslie Jones some new fans.

Back in July, “Ghostbusters” and “Saturday Night Live” star Leslie Jones decided to leave Twitter temporarily after being harassed online by a barrage of racist trolls. The incident gained so much attention that even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reached out to Jones and conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, who instigated the entire episode, was banned from Twitter for life.

Now, to her fans’ delight, Jones is back on social media and is proving that she ain’t afraid of no trolls.

The actress, who is starting to become a household name, shared a letter that a young follower sent to her about the haters:

Here’s what it says:

Dear Leslie Jones,

Forget what they say on the internet.

They’re just jealous. You’re a ghostbuster and they’re not.

 You are a wonderful person and a great actor. Keep being yourself.

From Julian 8-9 years old 

P.S. I like your smile and what’s your favourite superhero? 

“OK Julian you are so precious I will put this on my board at work!!” Jones wrote in her tweet

Since temporarily leaving Twitter, Jones has garnered a slew of new fans with her enthusiastic onslaught of Summer Olympics commentary. It even earned her a trip to Rio de Janeiro

Much like Julian, we’re all glad she decided not to leave social media behind for good.

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