Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are urging Americans to vote: 'The future of our country will be decided this week'

NowThisPolitics/FacebookLeonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt want you to vote.
  • In a video released by NowThis Politics, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt urged people to vote in the midterm elections.
  • The co-stars of Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” stressed that this election is especially consequent al, as voters will vote on gun safety laws, clean water and air, immigration policy, and health care.
  • “The future of our country will be decided this week. Elections don’t just matter when voting for president. This election might be the most consequential of our lifetime,” DiCaprio said in the video.
  • “We urge you to go to the polls by November 6 and make your voice heard,” Pitt added.
  • The two stars said that the elections will determine the future of climate change, criminal justice reform, education funding, LGBTQ equality, and voting rights.
  • They told viewers to visit TheLastWeekend.org to see how they can help.
  • Watch the video below.

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