New York Daily News Accused Of Potraying An Innocent Man As A Scamming Dentist

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Photo: stoic/Flickr

A man who claims he was defamed when the New York Daily News used his picture to illustrate a story about a scheming dentist is suing the popular newspaper, Courthouse News Service reported Tuesday. In its article “Crooked Brooklyn Dentist Lawrence Bruckner Pleads Guilty to Bilking Medicaid,” the Daily News allegedly featured a picture of Leon Farhi at the top of the page and then reiterated the charges against Bruckner in a caption beneath Farhi’s photo.

The Daily News published the article Aug. 13 and reportedly didn’t remove Farhi’s picture until Aug. 24.

Currently, the article has no picture. In a bolded correction at the top of the page, the Daily News admits its error.

“In fact, the person in that photograph was not Dr. Bruckner and has no connection either to Dr. Bruckner or to any of the matters reported on in the article,” the Daily News admits. “The Daily News regrets the error.”

Farhi claims he has suffered from “public scorn, hatred, contempt and ridicule,” caused by the article and the Daily News should have done enough research to realise he wasn’t the rogue dentist.

Farhi is suing for injuries, according to CNS.

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