Leon Cooperman Predicts What Will Happen To The S&P In The Event Of An Obama Or Romney Victory

Leon Cooperman

Photo: BloombergTV

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the market right now, and one of the biggest question marks in the mix is the American Presidential election.Hedge fund legend Leon Cooperman took that question on during his appearance on CNBC today. He predicted what would happen in the event of a win from either candidate with the S&P at 1400.

Cooperman said that if Romney wins, the S&P will jump 100 points. If Obama wins, it will dip by 15 (*corrected from 50).

That said: He added that he doesn’t blame Obama for the market right now. He knows the President inherited something nasty. Where he does fault the President is in his lack of “responsive dialogue” with business leaders.

Cooperman thinks Obama should be inviting him and other business leaders down to Washington to ask them how to fix the economy and spur investment. He doesn’t like this 99% v. 1% stuff either.

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