Leon Cooperman Stood Up In The Audience At A Hedge Fund Conference To Make A Bearish Case For Bonds

During CNBC/Institutional Investor’s Delivering Alpha conference billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman stood up from the audience on a panel he’s not on to make a case for being bearish on U.S. Treasuries. 

It happened during “The Great Rotation” panel with guests Gregory Fleming, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management; Josh Friedman, Canyon Partners; Michael Hintze, CQS; and Andrew Spokes, Farallon. 

CNBC host Becky Quick turned from the panel to ask Cooperman, who was sitting in the audience, where we are in the Great Rotation out of bonds.  

Cooperman, who was prepared, stood up and said “I’ll give you six reasons” on why he thinks government bonds are a bad bet. Everyone in the audience started laughing.

We couldn’t catch all of his reasons, but he says bonds are more expensive relative to equities.  He also sees bond yields moving higher in 2 to 3 years. 

He said he’d rather take his chance in equities.  During last year’s Delivering Alpha, Cooperman gave 10 stock picks.  All of them are higher, some even substantially higher. 

Absolute Return reporter Lawrence Delevingne Tweeted a picture of Cooperman. Check him out: 


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