Leo The Homeless Coder Was On 'The Today Show' This Morning To Talk About His App

Leo Grand, the homeless man in New York City who was offered the opportunity to learn to code from 23-year-old programmer Patrick McConlogue, appeared on “The Today Show” this morning to talk about his new app.

Grand and McConlogue met last August, and the two work every weekday morning for an hour to work on an app that focuses on clean energy and climate change, a subject Grand has told us he cares about a lot.

We have been following their story from the beginning, and this morning, the duo appeared to talk about their journey.

Grand and McConlogue talked to anchor Savannah Guthrie, who wanted to know how Grand felt when McConlogue approached him in August. Grand said he was sceptical, but now he’s glad he took the opportunity.

“I know how to build a server now,” he told Guthrie, “and I’m learning back-end design.”

Watch their segment below:

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