Leo, The Homeless Coder, Was Arrested This Morning

Leo, the homeless man learning how to code with the help of 23-year-old Patrick McConlogue, a programmer in New York City, was arrested this morning for trespassing “on City Bench,” according to an email McConlogue sent Business Insider.

Leo was slated to appear on “The Today Show” this Wednesday morning.

In August, we started following the story of Leo, a homeless man in New York City who was approached by 23-year-old Patrick McConlogue with an opportunity; take $US100 or learn how to code, a skill that may be able to help him in the future.

Leo took the chance to learn how to program, and for the last two months, he and McConlogue have met every weekday morning for an hour-long lesson.

After McConlogue leaves for work, Leo spends much of his day reading through JavaScript books and practicing coding functions on the Samsung Chromebook McConlogue provided him.

He was working on creating an app.

We were able to talk to Leo and Patrick in an in-depth interview here.

Leo has become somewhat of an underdog in the community and beyond. McConlogue started a Facebook group for fans to send supportive and encouraging comments to Leo, who found himself homeless in 2011 when he lost his job at MetLife and could not afford to pay his rent.

The group currently has 32,000 fans.

McConlogue updated the Facebook group this morning with news of Leo’s arrest:

Details of the arrest are unclear. McConlogue was not available for comment, and we will report on more information as it becomes available.

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