Lenovo's CEO Gives His $3M Bonus Away To Employees

Yang YuanqingYang Yuanqing

Photo: World Economic Forum via flickr

It’s not uncommon that executives can sometimes make more money with their bonuses than they do their salaries.When the CEO of Lenovo (a top China-based PC maker), Yang Yuanqing, received an additional $3 million bonus as a result of the company’s impressive fiscal year earnings, he decided to distribute it among his 10,000 junior-level employees. 

Shane McGlaun from DailyTech reports

“Among the employees to receive a piece of the pie were receptionists, production line workers, and assistants. Each of those 10,000 employees received a bonus of 2000 yuan, which works out to about $314 USD.”

CNN reports that Yang’s total earnings, including “salary, incentives and other benefits, amounted to $14 million.”

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