Lenovo might be first to release a smartphone with an all-screen front -- without the iPhone X-style notch

Over the last week, Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng posted a couple of teaser images from his Weibo Chinese social media account revealing the company’s upcoming Z5 smartphone, which supposedly has an all-screen front surface.

Apple’s iPhone X sports an edge-to-edge screen, but it’s not “all-screen,” due to the notch on the top of the phone that houses Apple’s TrueDepth camera system for Face ID. The Lenovo Z5, in comparison, is actually “all-screen.”

Lenovo apparently figured out how to ditch the divisive iPhone X notch where the selfie camera and various sensors are found. It also appears that Lenovo has figured out how to eliminate the “chin” – the larger bottom bezel – that most other Android smartphones have adopted on their narrow-bezeled smartphones.

The chin is more out of necessity and technological ability. It’s where smartphone makers can put the parts necessary for the display to work properly, and only Apple has figured out how to make a phone without a chin so far.

Indeed, the Lenovo Z5 looks to be a smartphone with a truly “all-screen” front surface. Check it out:

Lenovo z5 all screen smartphoneWeibo/Chang Cheng

And here’s another teaser of the Lenovo Z5 with incredibly thin bezels, but it doesn’t necessarily confirm that the phone will be notchless. At the same time, Cheng mentioned in his Weibo post that the phone has a 95% body-to-screen ratio, which is considerably more screen coverage than the iPhone X’s 83% body-to-screen ratio:

Lenovo z5 teaserWeibo/Chang Cheng

How they managed to keep a selfie camera and sensors on the front of the phone, as well as ditch the infamous chin, is still unknown. It also unclear whether the phone is in the development stages or whether it’s simply a concept, according to CNET, which first posted the images of the Lenovo Z5.

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