Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet: Is This The First Real Tablet For Business People?

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Photo: Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider

Lenovo’s first Android tablet, the ThinkPad (of course), fits into a interesting niche.It’s actually a fashionable business tablet, and has some power under the hood as well.

The tablet features a 1 Ghz Tegra 2 Dual-Core processor, a 10 inch screen, 16GB of memory, and a stylus.

Except this stylus, unlike the stylus that comes with the 7-inch HTC Flyer Tab, won’t cost you another $79.99.

Plus, there’s a huge variety of ports (from SD card to HDMI) somehow squeezed into this tight package.

The stylus, in combination with free apps Documents To Go, handwriting recognition, Citrix To Go, and McAfee’s mobile virus suite, can make for a pretty compelling package.

We’ll have a review up next week, but for now, check out our tour of the ThinkPad tablet.

Here's the ThinkPad tablet--we like how it looks, minus the odd-looking and grainy IPS display.

The ThinkPad feels great in your hand. Weight-wise, it's about on-par with the iPad 1.

Here's a shot of the ThinkPad and its stylus, which nestles inside a slot in the ThinkPad's corner, Palm Pilot style.

The notepad app turns your handwriting into text surprisingly well.

The back of the ThinkPad is adorned in pleasant, but fingerprint-attracting soft-touch plastic.

The ThinkPad isn't at ultra-thin status (like the Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2) but it's rounded edges create

The ThinkPad's 2MP front facing camera is in an unusual spot on the top right corner of the device (in portrait mode). There's also a 5 MP shooter on the back.

The ThinkPad squeezes in almost as many ports as the butt-ugly Toshiba Thrive. There are full sized ports for USB, HDMI, Mini-USB, SD card, SIM card, and a proprietary docking port.

Unlike most Android tablets, the ThinkPad has four hardware buttons at the bottom: rotate screen, web browser, back, and home.

The ThinkPad is a handsome, yet hefty device. Don't expect to read many eBooks on this thing. Your arm will get tired pretty quickly.

When the tablet is turned on, a cool LED lights up on the back of the device.

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