Will Lenovo Sell The First Sub-$500 10 Inch Tablet?


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Lenovo, the computer maker formerly known as IBM and which dominates China, plans to offer its LePad tablet internationally by June. (PCWorld)Lenovo showed off the LePad, which has a 10″ screen, the same size as the iPad and runs Android, in January. More interestingly, Lenovo said it would be priced between $399 and $449 — cheaper than any other 10″ tablet we know of. But it wasn’t clear whether they would sell it outside China.

Now Lenovo says they’re going to sell it internationally. We’ve been saying for a while that only Apple has the economies of scale to make 10″ tablets under $500 and that the reason other tablet makers have mostly been making 7″ tablets isn’t because of the form factor but because it’s the only way to make them cost-effectively.

Lenovo might just prove us wrong (and we hope so, for the sake of competition). Of course, a few things might happen from now till June: Apple could announce the iPad 2 and alongside it a steep price drop for the original iPad; Lenovo might not be able to hit its price target, at least for the international market. And the LePad could just be really bad, which wouldn’t be much competition for Apple even at that price.

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