Lenovo CEO Gives His $3 Million Bonus To Line Workers And Other Lower Level Employees

lenovo ceo yang yuanqing

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Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing has done something unusual among his CEO counterparts.Yuanqing distributed his $3 million bonus among the company’s 10,000 lower level workers. 

ZDNet reports that, “the ‘Yuanqing rewards’ averaged out at 2,000 yuan, or $314, which is slightly less than a month’s salary for many workers in China’s technology manufacturing plants.”

We think that this is an amazing gesture and gives us hope that there are still good CEOs out there who are doing their job for the benefit of the company not for their own personal gain.

This was Yuanqing’s second bonus of the year and was given for steering the company to record shipments and profits despite a weak PC market.

The bonus was broken down into 10,000 discrete chunks and dispersed to line workers, assistants and other lower-level employees.

CNN reports Yang’s total earnings for the fiscal year that ended in March amounted to $14m.

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