Lenny Dykstra Will Sign Whatever You Want For $US25 Tomorrow

Baseball star turned celebrity investor turned inmate Lenny Dykstra left prison in June and is back in the autograph game.

So if you can make it out to White Plains, New York tomorrow, “Nails” will sign “anything” for $US25, Dealbreaker dug up.

As a refresher, Dykstra got into trading and became something of a celebrity stock picker after leaving baseball. He started “Players Club,” a magazine geared toward high-minded jocks.

The failed enterprise took him under, and he filed for bankruptcy

His home — once Wayne Gretzky’s $US17.5 million mansion — went to auction.

The ex-Mets star ended up serving 15 months of a three-year sentence for grand theft auto and hiding baseball gloves and other items from his basebally days that were absent from his bankruptcy filing.

But now he’s a free man.

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