Lenny Dykstra’s Latest Victim May Have Been Jose Canseco

Lenny Dykstra Sad AP

Lenny Dykstra was a no-show for his fight against Jose Canseco. And like many of Dykstra’s dealings since retiring from baseball, it appears that he took the money and gave nothing in return.

As a last minute fill-in, Dykstra was scheduled to face Canseco as part of a celebrity boxing event. But according to the fight’s promoter, Dykstra took the $5,000 fee and never showed up. Dykstra was paid up front, in cash, and was to receive another $10,000 after the fight.

Dykstra said before the fight that “Canseco ruined my career,” and that he “begged” to be given a chance to fight Canseco. By not showing up, Canseco presumably misses out on some, or all, of his appearance fee.

In maybe the most telling part of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s story, Dykstra is currently staying in a Los Angeles rehab facility.