Why The Guy Bailing Out Lenny Dykstra For $50,000 Today Can Probably Write It Off On His Taxes


Don’t worry about Lenny Dykstra — he’s getting out of jail in time for the weekend, thanks to a man named Jonathan Heap posting his $50,000 bail.

Heap is a movie producer — and his next project is apparently a movie about Dykstra’s life.

(Which means that somewhere in L.A. right now, there’s a bulletin board covered with movie title options that include the word “Nails.”)

We can’t find details on the movie anywhere — which means Heap might have also seen this as the perfect opportunity to give the project a little publicity.

So really, this is a work expense for Heap — and a great way for him to write himself into the movie.

To be fair, though, he should also carve out a part for the last person who bailed out Dykstra: Charlie Sheen.

UPDATE: Heap apparently couldn’t line up the cash in the end — so that’s a good sign for the movie.

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