Lenny Dykstra Is Living In His Car

lennydykstra tbi

The sad bankruptcy of former baseball legend turned financial columnist Lenny Dykstra just keeps getting weirder.

Dykstra is now living in his car.

“I don’t mean to be crude,” Dykstra told CNBC’s Jane Wells, “but where do they expect me to (go to the bathroom)?”

Apparently, Dykstra’s house has been torn apart by water damage. “The palatial estate is pockmarked with torn up flooring, holes in walls, missing toilets, as inspectors have tried to determine the extent of the problem,” Wells writes.

Dykstra’s insurance policy is paying for a temporary residence but Lenny can’t stay there because that’s where his wife, who is divorcing him, lives.

Given that the house was immaculate when CNBC visited it a month ago, there’s some head-scratching about how it got so bad, so quickly. Bess Levin thinks that Dykstra might have inflicted the damage himself.

“Because our favourite ball player is a smarter than any of you have ever given him credit for, and in a fit of genius one night decided to tear through the place with a bat and a pair of pliers, ripping up floors and doing god knows what with toilets, in an attempt to get insurers to hand over $10 million,” Levin speculates.

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