Lenny Dykstra Has Opened A New Investing Service, And He Claims He Hasn't Made A Losing Trade In Two Years

Lenny Dykstra Sad AP

Would you take investment advice from someone whose managed his personal finances like Lenny Dykstra?

“Nails” hopes so.  Specifically, he’s hoping you’ve forgotten his bankruptcy and trashed home, and are willing to give him another chance to do what he did at TheStreet — which is to suggest deep-in-the-money calls for you to buy.

He’s opened a new service called Nails Investments.  On his “scorecard” page, he claims to have not made a single losing trade throughout 2008/2009.

(No, we’re not sure how to reconcile this with his personal money situation, either).

Seriously, check out his full 1.000 batting average trades here >

Welcome to the scorecard.... Note returns for each trade are listed on the right column.

Still perfect so far.

Yeah, this is a solid run.

Yeah, this is REALLY good.

Wow, we're talking Orel Hershiser-level streak now.

Wow, even Stan Musial would be impressed with this streak.

Forget Stan Musial, this is Cal Ripken level!

No way.




This guy must be a genius!!!

Final profit: $439,800!!!

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