Lenny Dykstra Has Created A “Fan Site” So You Can Bail Him Out Of Jail

lenny dykstra

Lenny Dykstra is facing nearly two dozens counts of fraud, grand theft, and drug possession.

If convicted he will go to jail for a long time.

In hopes of keeping that from happening, a site called SaveLenny.com has popped up to help the Dykstra make bail.

SaveLenny.com sounds like something one of Dykstra’s fans set up, but it is not.

In fact, the domain is registered to Dykstra’s investment company, NAILS INVESTMENTS, NBC Sports’ Josiah Schlatter reports.

A brief letter on the frontpage of the site paints Lenny as a victim of the justice system since his arrest on April 14. Then it asks “friends, family, and fans of Nails” to donate their card-earned money to the cause:

Lenny has remained in custody on $500,000 bail. To bond him out, it requires $40-50,000 in cash to pay the bail bond agent, and collateral of $500,000 to secure the bond. The $500K collateral for the bond has been secured, however — the bond premium is still needed.

A few of Lenny’s friends have come forward to assist Lenny with the bond premium, however since the court has refused to lower the bail amount, there is still a bit of a shortfall.

This is where you can help! Help Save Lenny today….

Thus continues Lenny Dykstra’s strange journey from athlete to business tycoon to strung-out felon.

Oddly, the site has a “From the Fans” section featuring two extended fan letters. Since NAILS INVESTMENTS owns the site, it’s unclear if these people are actual fans or just Dykstra lackies. Either way, it gives us this from “Joe”:

The Phillies lost [to the Braves] by over 10 runs, it was a blood bath……But you didn’t let me down and you hit a home run, so when I still had hope even after that beating the Phillies would go on and win the series. Obviously you did and went on to the World Series. So even when everyone around you says it’s over your down by 14 points or your being charged with 13 felonies, knowing you, you will find a way to keep hanging on until you win. That’s why I donated $100 dude, GOOD LUCK.

And from “Tim”:

Again, now trying to be a dad of 3 boys, it is at times a struggle to instill in them all of the qualities and traits they will need to succeed in life. But when I find myself using phrases like, “be a leader,” or “leave it all out on the field,” or “never take no for an answer ” and others, I always begin to think of LENNY KYLE DYKSTRA.

I truly believe that Lenny may have saved my life.

But the “Help Now” section may be even more ridiculous. This section features a picture of every U.S. bill from $1 to $1,000 and has a brief, strange caption for each of them.

You want to give $10? That means, “If you met Lenny on the street, would you offer to buy him lunch? $10.00 would buy a couple of tacos and a coke for the Dude.”

$1,000? “Contribute $1,000 for Lenny and that’s a GRAND SLAM for Nails! We are asking you to save Lenny and you mean business!”

We know what you’re thinking: where will all the excess funds go after America donates millions and millions of dollars to the Dude?

Not to worry, according to the site, the “remaining funds will be donated to Little League Baseball and the Baseball Assistance Team.”

Source: NBC Sports

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