Lend Lease Has Barangaroo Back And Will Restart Work Next Week

Lend Lease plans to go back to work at Barangaroo next week after fire ripped through the site this week. Image: Getty

Lend Lease is planning to resume works as early as next week after a fire ripped through its Barangaroo site in Sydney on Wednesday.

Barangaroo South was officially returned to the construction company today after emergency crews worked throughout Wednesday afternoon and Thursday to extinguish the fire, which sent Sydney into chaos.

“It is anticipated that progressive and measured recommencement of work will start next week following a site-wide safety inspection,” Lend Lease said.

Engineers have conducted a safety inspection on the structural integrity of the crane, which was at risk of toppling over whilst the fire was burning in the basement below it.

The crane now has been deemed safe.

But as a precautionary measure Lend Lease said it would be dismantling the crane.

The company is yet to determine how far the fire will set back the project delivery date, saying it is still too early to speculate.

The blaze is thought to have been caused by welding sparks.


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