An English hotel has launched outdoor yoga with lemurs to help people de-stress

Getty/Owen Humphreys – PA ImagesNamaste.
  • The latest novelty yoga class to launch is “lemoga.”
  • That’s yoga with lemurs.
  • The outdoor class has launched at a hotel in the English countryside.
  • Apparently the lemurs actually do some of the poses.

Just when you thought we’d reached peak novelty yoga (dog yoga, rage yoga, beer yoga, goat yoga, alpaca yoga, wine yoga, sex yoga, horse yoga … the list goes on), someone comes up with a new twist on the practice that we didn’t know we needed.

Enter, lemoga. Yes, that’s lemur yoga.

The new class has been launched by a hotel in the English countryside and allows people to find their zen and feel at one with nature with the help of a selection of the furry little creatures.

Lemoga 2Getty/Owen Humphreys – PA ImagesWhether the lemurs can perform a downward-facing dog is unclear.

Armathwaite Hall, near Keswick in the Lake District, is offering the outdoor classes as part of its “meet the wildlife” wellness activities.

As well as being incredibly cute, the lemurs may genuinely help people de-stress.

Lemoga 3Getty/Owen Humphreys – PA ImagesOm.

“When you watch lemurs they do some form of the poses naturally – that typical pose warming their bellies in the sunshine.

“It seemed to be a really good combination to encourage people to have a go and spend time with a lemur,” Richard Robinson, manager of the hotel’s adjoining wildlife park, said, according to the BBC.

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“I don’t think you ever see an unhappy zoo-keeper. We spend all our time with animals.

“We know how it makes us feel and if we can give a little piece of that to people then great.”

As well as lemoga, the hotel’s wildlife park offers guests the chance to explore the 400-acre grounds with alpacas, meet meerkats, and fly an eagle.

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