The Sports Agent Who Was The Inspiration For ‘Jerry Maguire’ Has Filed For Bankruptcy

leigh steinberg

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Leigh Steinberg was an agent to sports stars like Troy Aikman, Steve Young, and Ben Roethlisberger, and was also the inspiration for the hit movie “Jerry Maguire.”But now, Steinberg is filing for bankruptcy.

Steinberg, who struggled with alcohol for many years but has been sober since 2010 told the AP he takes responsibility for millions of dollars of debt, and that he just lost track of his finances while he was in rehab.

In a statement, Steinberg said he delayed filing for bankruptcy for a few years “because of my moral and legal obligation to people who advanced me funds or performed services in good faith. But the constant and aggressive collection efforts and press initiatives undertaken by creditors have harassed my family and prevented me from working to be able to pay these debts.”