Lehman Denies Report That Dick Fuld Was KO'd

According to Charlie Gasparino, who just took the air on CNBC, Lehman Brothers has denied the story going around that Dick Fuld was punched in the face at the gym and “knocked out cold.” They claim, in typical denial fashion, that the story is both “completely absurd and completely untrue.” Furthermore, according to Gasparino, they insist Fuld wasn’t punched or even looked at the wrong way at any point in the weeks surrounding Lehman’s collapse.

But we have to ask, “How would they know?”

With respect to the gym thing, Gasparino does have a point that if Fuld was really knocked out the assailant likely would have been arrested or at least admonished by the gym. Furthermore, we saw no bruises on Fuld’s face yesterday indicating that he’d been in a recent altercation.

But we’re still not believing Lehman’s denial. Furthermore, even if Fuld was attacked at the firm, we wouldn’t expect PR to know about it but we would expect them to deny it. It makes Fuld look bad, and he does still have a bank to run—sort of.

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