Lehman Employees Scarfing Up Free Meals, Swag

Lehman employees in London were seen leaving carrying boxes filled with Lehman swag–which might fetch a pretty penny on eBay. After the firm detonated their shares and bonuses, it’s the least they could take:

WSJ: A man left the building holding a cardboard box and was quickly pursued by photographers. Others left the building carried umbrellas and deflated rugby balls sporting the Lehman logo, souvenirs of a brighter time.

Contrary to their US counterparts, Lehman’s London employees were given the day off, but some are planning to return tomorrow, if only to stock up on free food from the firm’s cafeteria.

As lunchtime arrived, the crowd gathered outside the Lehman building grew. Leaving the building, Trush Patel, who works in Lehman’s finance department, said he planned to return to work Tuesday but wasn’t sure about anything after that. “People are spending all the credit on their canteen cards,” he said, referring to the cards that employees use to buy lunch in the securities firm’s cafeteria. “There are going to be 5,000 people on the job market, so a lot of competition.”

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