Lehman Brothers: Style Icon?


Remember those Kate Spade bags all the girls bought when you first got out of college? As it turns out, Kate Spade is a real person and she’s married to a guy named Jack. Now that guy, Jack, has opened his own store, which he calls Partners & Spade. It’s ony opened on weekends on it sells offers “off-beat nostalgia and functional design” products.

Yeah. We don’t know what that means either. Whatever. Bigger things to worry about.

More interestingly, the most popular item in the store are a collection of Lehman Brothers–branded junk “ranging from an infant onesie to a golf-ball set, all procured on eBay,” according to Vanity Fair. The baseball hat pictured here is priced at $80.

The Partners & Spade shop is on Great Jones Street. It’s only open on weekends and, in a nod to our recession era, some items are available for barter.