Apparently Mentioning Lehman Brothers Works As A Great Pickup Line


Who knew being a fallen Lehman bro could be so beguiling to the opposite sex?

Last night at an event called Fashion Meets Finance, one former Lehmanite explained to Dealbook how he “capitalise[s] on his firm’s crisis-era misfortune”:

“I break a lot of ice with the Lehman thing,” Mr. Maras said. “Women love my story.”

It’s true. Having worked for a bank that spectacularly collapsed in front of the whole world, and is essentially the face (facade?) of the financial crisis, it means you always have an interesting story for the first meeting.

In fact, apparently the financial crisis isn’t a deterrent at all because, according to one young equities trader, “Most of these girls don’t even know what happened in 2008. It’s like, oh, subprime mortgages? They just nod their heads.”

A statement that, no doubt, will get many a girl — including this one — very riled up.