This is the most frustrating part of buying expansion packs for the new 'Lego' video game

Jurassic world lego dimensionsWB Games/LEGOOne of the over 20 ‘Lego Dimensions’ expansion packs currently available.

If you want to get the most out of Lego’s latest video game “Lego Dimensions,” you’ll want to buy one of the many expansion packs that allow you to unlock additional content in the game. However, you may be left disappointed by what doesn’t come with each set.

The expansion packs, which range in price from $US14.99 to $US29.99, come with a series of Lego pieces to assemble before playing with them in game. Sets come with characters and other accompanying mini-Lego creations.

After building, each creation can be put onto a toypad to virtually enter the game as such:

Lego DimensionsPlay GIFWarner Bros.Magically whisked from real life to digital.

Part of the fun is putting the Legos together before playing with virtual versions of them inside a game. If you’ve ever purchased a Lego set, you receive a little booklet with instructions for assembly.

However, if you don’t have the game on hand, good luck building!

The mini sets don’t come with instructions on how to piece together the Legos in the box.

Tech Insider recently received the $US29.99 “Doctor Who” level expansion pack which was released early November.

It’s the first time the BBC character is available in Lego form, so he’ll most likely be purchased by fans of the game and collectors alike.

Lego dimensions doctor who legosKirsten Acuna/Tech InsiderThe ‘Doctor Who’ legos came in two separate plastic bags.

When taking the Lego pieces out of the box, we were given a booklet, but it didn’t tell us how to put together the Doctor’s time-travelling Tardis or his robot dog, K-9.

Lego dimensions doctor whoKirsten Acuna/Tech InsiderHello Lego Dimensions instruction booklet!

Instead, we had directions on how to put together the 12th doctor (pretty self explanatory).

Lego dimensions bookletKirsten Acuna/Tech InsiderPutting together Doctor Who is pretty intuitive. But, where are the rest of the instructions?

If gamers wanted to put together everything else, they were instructed to head to the game for virtual directions.

Doctor who legosKirsten Acuna/Tech InsiderLego, what do I do now?

It’s incredibly frustrating for those who want to build the Lego minifigures after buying them.

Sure, you can turn on the console to continue building, but you can easily build one of the two Lego figures in the time you turn on the game console and load the accompanying video game.

And what if you don’t have the full $US100 game yet? For those who may just be collecting one-off sets like this “Doctor Who” one, they’re left with a big old pile of Legos.

Others must feel the same way, too, as instructions from the game have made their way onto YouTube and online PDFs.

I get that the game wants to transition between the real-life toys and the video game, but this seems a bit excessive. There’s really no reason to include the complete building instructions for the Lego kits in each package.

Lego must have anticipated fan feedback.

After clicking around the site I noticed you’re able to download instructions to build any of the expansion packs.

Doctor who lego building instructionsLegoWould you have guessed that box was a link to Lego building instructions?

You’re led to a page on Lego’s customer service page which allows you to search for building directions to any Lego set.

Then you’re able to download instructions in various PDF formats.

It’s not the most ideal fix, but it does allow you to access any of the build instructions easily without loading up your game.

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