Kentucky To Commentcowards: See You In Jail

Good news for beleaguered tech journo Sarah Lacy. Bad news for, um, Web sites: In a bid to crack down on online bullying, Kentucky state legislators are pondering a bill that would criminalise anonymous Internet posting.

The bill, introduced by state representative Tim Couch, would require users to register their full names, which would be displayed beside their posts, before heaping scorn and derision upon their unlucky victims. In addition, websites allowing anonymous comments would be fined $500 for a first offence, and $1000 for each additional repeated offence.

Critics (rightly) say the bill is an assault on the First Ammendment. Proponents (falsely) think it would help cleanup the cesspool that the Web can foster. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. The law would be virtually impossible to enforce and would be greeted by a collective roll of the eyes and shrug of the shoulders by most netizens. And a good thing, too. If you stopped cretins from posting inane invective about other cretins, you’d gut the Web of at least 50% of its content.

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