Legendary pokémon Mewtwo appeared for the first time to 'Pokémon GO' players

Legendary pokémon Mewtwo has made its first appearance to “Pokémon GO” players in Japan during the Stadium event taking place amid the Pikachu Outbreak festivities in the country, Kotaku first reported.

Nintendo and Niantic Labs, the developer behind the game, announced last month that legendary pokémon would soon make their way to players, which means that Mewtwo is likely part of a first batch, with many others to come.

As of right now, the special creature only seems to be available to players in Japan, however, as the character has still not been made official in any other country.

Last week, Kotaku reports, a “shiny” (differently coloured) Pikachu made its first appearance in Yokohama, following a series of less successful events in Chicago last July.

Here are some tweets of the lucky players who managed to capture Mewtwo:



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