Celebrity Designer Max Azria Tells Us How Fashion Houses Are Coping With The Bad Economy

max azria

[credit provider=”Ashley Lutz”]

Max Azria, the designer behind BCBGMAXAZRIA, has dressed celebrities including Alicia Keys, Sharon Stone and Halle Berry.We caught up with the designer before his runway show today at New York Fashion Week.

He told us how the bad economy has affected the mentality of fashion designers at every level.

“Today we have to be totally crazy and make stuff that stands out,” he said. “It takes so much more to get a consumer’s attention because they’re more careful about how they spend their money. We also try and make things very precise, bold and basic so that a woman can wear one item for a lot of different occasions. The colour black rules everything.”

Azria has been designing for 40 years, and also told us how women have evolved since the beginning of his career.

“Women today are much more confident and sure of themselves,” Azria said. “They’re more willing to show off and be bold. I find that I can design more unique clothing and women are actually confident enough to wear them.”

This season’s runway collection included calf-length dresses, black-and-white jumpers, and leather.

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