Left-Wing Terrorism Surges In Europe, As Governments Dismantle Social Safety Net

With European governments paring back the social safety net, and businesses blamed for creating a crisis, left-wing terrorism in Europe is on the march, according to a new report from EuroPol (the European Police Office).


Spain, Greece and Italy reported a total of 40 attacks by left-wing and anarchist groups for 2009.
This constitutes an increase of 43 % compared to 2008; the number of attacks more than doubled
since 2007.

As in previous years, most attacks were carried out successfully and mainly targeted government and
business interests.The majority of these attacks were arsons, reported by Spain, and caused only property damage.

The percentage of IED attacks decreased from 43 % in 2008 to 20 % in 2009; the majority of these bomb-ings occurred in Greece. In Greece, six left-wing terrorist organisations car-
ried out a total of 15 attacks in 2009.

As this chart shows, left-wing terrorism dwarfs right-wing terrorism in Europe — perhaps surprising given the attention paid to Europe’s far right. Islamist and Separatist terrorism, however, remain the largest categories.


Photo: EuroPol

And here’s how left-wing terrorist attacks break down, in terms of targets:


Photo: EuroPol

(via Kathemirini)

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