Steve Jobs' Top Adman Has A New Theory About Why Apple's Founder Named The Company After Fruit

Lee ClowLee Clow

Advertising legend Lee Clow worked with tech legend Steve Jobs for 30 years to create some of the most iconic commercials in advertising history.

From the iPod shadow silhouettes to the “Think Different” slogan, Jobs and Clow collaborated on simple yet epic creative work.

The Apple “ad factory” TBWA/Media Arts Lab is highly secretive. Gizmodo reported on how the creative work gets done in a completely separate building from the main TBWA/Chiat/Day headquarters.

While the process is mysterious, Clow shared some memories from his 30-year relationship with Jobs at a PTTOW! summit. 

He starts talking about Jobs at the minute mark, when he describes meeting Jobs in his twenties. The legend is that apples were Jobs’ favourite fruit, and Jobs once worked in an orchard.

But Clow says Jobs was very influenced by Sony’s branding strategy. Sony originally had a Japanese nam,¬†Tokyo Tsoshiu Kogyo KK, but the company changed it to one that was easily pronounced globally, in any language. It was also chosen because it sounds “sunny.”

Clow believes Jobs wanted that same warm feeling for the name of his compter company.

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