LeBron Sends Cleveland A Message

LeBron James Miami Heat

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In the instant the clock bled to 0:00, LeBron James’ instinct hadn’t been to preen, flex and degrade the moment with a barrage of I-told-you-so’s. He had come, a year in the making, crashing down on the Boston Celtics.And yet before James leaped into the air Wednesday night, before he found Dwyane Wade for a long, long embrace, he sought an empty swath of basketball court amid the bedlam of a 97-87 Miami Heat victory over the Boston Celtics. He dropped to his knees, bowed his head and turned his eyes away from the pulsating lights and party music. Finally, LeBron James had beaten them. All alone on the floor, he looked like a man soaked in some sort of salvation.

Beating Boston didn’t inspire bravado out of James, but contrition.

“I couldn’t do it by myself against that team,” James said. “I apologise for the way it happened, but I knew this opportunity was once in a lifetime.”

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