LeBron James Looks Shockingly Different Without His Headband

LeBron James ditched his signature headband in the middle of the 4th quarter in Tuesday’s epic Game 6 win in the NBA Finals.

It worked.

He took over, the Heat won, and he ended up with 32 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds.

Twitter exploded with LeBron headband jokes. And the whole world discovered how different LeBron looks when he plays without his headband.

It’s so strange.┬áIt’s just weird to see him without that headband to cover his hairline. I can’t get over it.

These two photos are both from Game 6:

lebron james headband no headband game 6
lebron james no headband game 6
lebron james rip ball
lebron james complaining game 6
lebron james celebrating game 6

This is more like it:

lebron james shocked game 2 2013 nba finals

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