LeBron Mania Fuels Record Tickets Sales For NBA

Lebron James at Heat Media Day

Photo: AP

Sports Business Journal reports that the NBA has booked more than $100 million in new full-season ticket packages this year, a 40-per cent increase over 2009-10.In addition, renewals are up to nearly 80 per cent, proving that interest in the league–and its gate receipts–are higher than ever. Not that it will stop the NBA from crying poverty. The league claims that their teams lost $370 million last year and that selling all those new tickets has merely forced them to increase expenses. Just think of all the stamps!

So what accounts for these new customers? 20-one of the league’s 30 teams have sold at least 1,000 new season tickets, even also-rans like Sacramento and Memphis.

Surely, all those fanbases can’t be deluding themselves into championship aspirations this year? No, but the league just had its highest profile offseason ever, thank to the much-hyped LeBron James sweepstakes.

The buzz for 2010 is greater than ever and even causal basketball fans have an opinion about Miami’s new superteam. Best of all, James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade have created a villain that everyone is lining up to hate. The Heat are a can’t miss ticket when they come to town. (The drawing power of the contenders hoping to take them down–L.A., Oklahoma City, Chicago, Orlando–is nothing to sneeze at either.) Miami may have won the race, but everyone will get a ribbon.

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