The Cavaliers' controversial decision to fire David Blatt is starting to look like a genius move

David Blatt may not have deserved to lose his job, but early on it is starting to look like a smart move by LeBron James and Company as the Cavaliers have clearly played better.

One of the first changes new head coach Tyronn Lue wanted to institute was to have the Cavaliers pick up the pace and run more. That can clearly be seen in how many points they are scoring and allowing. Under Blatt this season, the Cavs averaged 101.0 points and were giving up 95.7 points per game. In the last 14 games under Lue, both of those numbers are up, as they are scoring 109.5 points and allowing 100.4 points per game. More importantly, the Cavs’ point differential per game (their average winning margin) is way up, from 5.2 points per game under Blatt to 9.1 points per game under Lue.

In other words, the Cavs are starting to dominate.

The increased margin between what the Cavs are scoring and what their opponents are scoring has shown an immediate impact in the standings. Under Blatt, the Cavs were on pace to go 60-22. Over the last 14 games under Lue, the team has played like a 64-win team and one that at least has a fighting chance to win a title.

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