LeBron James Is Using Twitter To Try To Win Us Back This Summer — And It's Working



LeBron James spent last summer throwing away all the love sports fans had for him.He spent this summer trying to win us back.

Whether he’s hanging out with pandas or making jokes about his receding hairline, LBJ has done everything in his power to resurrect the loveable phenom persona he took on in Cleveland.

He hung out with pandas in China, and tweeted a picture

He joked about his receding hairline

He shared an adorable picture of his son on the first day of 1st grade

He showed his dedication to Liverpool Football Club by tweeting during a relatively insignificant Carling Cup game

He gave a homeless guy money because he made a funny joke

He showed off his music taste by tweeting his love for Adele during the VMAs

He joined the NBA street ball craze, beating Kevin Durant's team in Baltimore

He's also joined athletes on the newsstands

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