LeBron James Says An 8-Year-Old Could Have Made His Buzzer-Beater Last Night

lebron james unimpressed face

LeBron James had 30 points, 10 assists, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks, and one buzzer-beating lay-up in last night’s overtime win against the Pacers.

But after the game he admitted that the degree of difficultly on his game-winning shot was about as low as it could have possibly been.

He told Fox Sports Florida (via TBJ):

“I mean, I made a layup. It’s not like I made something halfcourt. I made a layup. I’ve been doing that since I was 8 years old.”

Fair point.

Only two years ago — back when people said he was afraid to take the final shot — LeBron hitting a buzzer-beater in the Eastern Conference Finals would have been a HUGE story.

It’s a sign of just how dramatically his narrative evolved that even he isn’t all that impressed by this:

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