Chart Shows That LeBron James Is Even Better Than We Thought

LeBron James already has a reputation as the best player in the game because he is one of the best scorers in the league. And while we know he has a very good all-around game, some of his other skills may actually be better than most fans appreciate.

For example, James is an even better rebounder than his 8.0 rebounds per game suggests.

Below is a look at the relationship between height and rebounding efficiency (percentage of available rebounds that a player actually grabs). Not surprisingly, the trendline shows that as players get taller, they grab a higher percentage of available rebounds.

But even at 6-foot-8, James is grabbing rebounds at a higher rate (13.1%) than we would expect from a typical player at the same height (~10%). And while there are better rebounders, James is the only player above 6-foot-4 that averages at least 20.0 points per game and shows a rebounding efficiency better than what we would expect based on height.

That’s pretty incredible considering how much energy James must exert on the offensive end of the court. And while we already knew James was one of the best scorers in the NBA, he might just be one of the best rebounders also.

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