Meet The Childhood Friend In Charge Of Making LeBron James A Global Icon

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Maverick Carter dreams of turning LeBron James into Fat Albert.In pursuit of this farfetched fantasy, the chauffeured black Mercedes-Benz parks at 26th and Broadway, Manhattan’s historic Flatiron District, 25 minutes before the scheduled start of Carter’s meeting with the founders of Believe Entertainment Group.

Cheryl Singleton, Carter’s assistant, rides shotgun. Tall and lean, Carter rests comfortably in the back.  

Dressed in charcoal blue trousers, a grey, half-zipper sweater, a navy blue, three-quarters-length trench coat and boots, Carter appears youthfully professional, appropriate for a corporate meeting and an R&B concert. Sans the $50,000 Audemars Piguet “Legacy” watch, Carter strikes a rather inconspicuous look.

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