LeBron James is now a Laker — take a tour of the $23 million mansion he bought in Los Angeles

  • LeBron James is signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Before James decided to sign with the Lakers, he purchased a home in Los Angeles for $US23 million.
  • The mansion is his second in Los Angeles and his third house overall.
  • LeBron and his family of five can live in great comfort and style in the luxurious, newly-built palace.

The king of the NBA is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, but he won’t have to look for a new house.

The star athlete spent $US23 million on a brand new home in the swanky Brentwood neighbourhood. The home is actually King James’ second in LA, in addition to his house in Akron, Ohio.

This purchase clashes with the image LeBron tries to create of the frugal basketball star. Perhaps the Cleveland Cavilers’ forward is prudent with other purchases in order to afford his three mansions.

When he played for the Miami Heat, James resided in a south Florida home he sold for over $US13 million. His newest purchase is a 2017-built home that cost him slightly more than the $US20 million he handed over for his first LA mansion.

Everyone – even non-sports fans – can appreciate the splendor of his new digs.

Check out LeBron’s sweet buy, photos and information courtesy of Trulia:

When LeBron isn’t shooting hoops, he can feed house guests thanks to his custom chef’s kitchen. With a combination of natural French oak and marble on the floor, LeBron can cook in great comfort. Or he can just hire a chef to make him a meal high in protein.

The hard oak floors are reminiscent of a basketball court. And if LeBron’s legs get sore, there’s an elevator that will take him to the rooftop terrace.

The James’ home has eight bedrooms, so the starting five for the Cavilers can stay over when they’re in town. The master suite has a massive walk-in closet and a private patio.

The mansion has 11 bathrooms, including a dual bathroom in the master suite, presumably for LeBron and his wife Savannah Brinson. James and Brinson are high school sweethearts, married in 2013, and have three kids together.

Source: Business Insider

LeBron’s main workplace is the hardwood floors at Quicken Loans Arena, but he can get plenty done in his new office. From handling endorsements for Pepsi and Nike to tweaking his sneakers, his new office will get ample use.

One of the highlights of the mansion is the onyx bar. The house also has a wine cellar, so LeBron can easily host a bros night with Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and others.

If the guys want to hang outside on a warm Los Angeles summer evening, they can take their drinks from the bar to the luxurious outdoor patio. Like much of the house, the patio floor is made of marble.

LeBron can channel his competitive nature and billiards ability in the game room. After shooting some pool, he and his buddies can head to the cigar room fitted with high-tech air purifying equipment.

LeBron has played himself in an episode of “Entourage” and the movie “Trainwreck.” He is also voicing a character in the upcoming animated film “Smallfoot,” and rumours have circulated for years about “Space Jam 2” starring James. He can watch these or any film in comfort at his personal movie theatre.

Source: IMDb

In an interview with Business Insider, LeBron said he works out five days a week in the off-season and every day during the NBA season. His home gym is half-indoors, half-outdoors and connects with a steam room, sauna, spa, and massage room to cool down after exercising.

Source: Business Insider

The entire house has plenty of natural light. It’s hard to choose if the inside or outside is nicer, but fortunately for LeBron, he doesn’t have to pick just one. With sliding pocket doors, the flow between the two spaces is as smooth as a LeBron jump shot.

An oversized pool is a must-have for any $US23 million home. The outdoor spa, heated dining loggia, and auto gallery are nice additions. The outdoor kitchen featuring a barbecue and beer taps brings the mansion to MVP status — Most Valuable Property.

Despite spending $US23 million on the new house, James is still making some changes. According to TMZ, James is “adding a basketball court, indoor wine tap (dude LOVES his wine), and is working on the paperwork to get a pizza oven … while also making changes to the theatre and pool.”

Source: TMZ

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LEBRON JAMES: How the king of the NBA spends his millions

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