PHOTOS: Behind The Scenes Of LeBron James' English Soccer Adventure

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LeBron James traveled to England this weekend to take in his first match as a minority owner of Liverpool FC.

The game was not a success for Liverpool FC as they played to a 1-1 draw against their hated rival Manchester United. But based on the images from before and during the game, it appears that the weekend was a success for LeBron.

LeBron looked like many other tourists this weekend in Liverpool. He took in some sites, ate some food, and did some shopping.

He even learned what a championship trophy feels like!

LeBron Tours Anfield, The Home Of Liverpool FC

And he even got a custom jersey

Here he is in the stadium

Trying his hand at a little soccer

LeBron Holds Up Liverpool FC's 2005 Champions League Trophy

LeBron looks at the trophies, in awe

Wow, even more awards

An interesting look at the model of the stadium

LeBron Poses With Statue Of Former Liverpool Manager Bill Shankly

Nike Can't Be Too Pleased With this Image

A quick break for a drink

Time to go shopping!

He needs something for the game

What would going to a soccer game be without a scarf?

Maybe this hat?

Time for lunch at the practice facility

And now it's time to donate lots of money

The donation was made at St Margaret's CoE School in Liverpool which is Liverpool FC's Respect 4 All centre, used for coaching soccer to local children with severe physical or mental disabilities.

He made a $10,000 donation to Liverpool FC Foundation

A spot of tea before the match

And One For Instagram

LeBron's jersey... will he give the EPL a try?

Here he is in the crowd

Looking like a true fan

And of course, a picture for Twitter

Liverpool and Manchester tied, but at least LeBron had a great time!

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