The Miami Heat Lose After LeBron James Fouls Out On A Controversial Call In The Final Minute

lebron fouls out

The Indiana Pacers got a massive 99-92 win over the Miami Heat to even the Eastern Conference Finals at 2-2.

But it wasn’t without controversy.

There were questionable calls throughout the game — including one point in the fourth quarter where the refs called a 24-second violation on the Pacers even though the shot blatantly hit the rim. 55 fouls were called in total (way more than usual). The officiating wasn’t biased toward either team, it was just bad.

The biggest call came with 55 seconds left and the Heat down 96-92.

LeBron James set a normal-looking ball screen for Dwyane Wade, and he was called for a moving screen — fouling him out and sealing the game for Indiana.

Here’s the video (more below):

Moving screens are rarely called at critical points of the game. They exist in a kind of unofficial grey area — veterans tend to get away with them, and there are a handful of players who can move all they want without getting called.

Sure, this is technically a moving screen. Based on the letter of the law, you have to be stationary on a screen, and LeBron clearly stuck out his hip a tiny bit.

But that happens on, like, 60% of screens.

You simply don’t see ticky-tack calls like this when the game is on the line, especially when the best player on the planet is at the centre of it.

LeBron was baffled:

lebron james baffled

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