LeBron James Drama Struggles To Beat Football

Cleveland Browns fans

Photo: Jason Pero/Flickr

Last night’s Heat-Cavs game garnered a 26.4 TV rating in Cleveland, better than twice the audience of the Cavs home opener in October.But it still didn’t surpass the 29.3 rating that an average Cleveland Browns game attracts.

Comparing a Sunday afternoon network game to a Thursday night cable broadcast is tricky, but it does underscore the NFL’s huge popularity gap over the NBA.

Despite attracting three times the typical media presence, an NBA Finals-esque atmosphere, and of course a full week of hype, the game was still no bigger than one featuring the lowly 4-7 Browns.

Statistics like this make the media appear wholly out of touch with the fans it purports to represent. We hype James’ return as though it’s the event of the year, but the people in Cleveland simply don’t care. They’d rather watch football – no matter the quality of their team.

The hoops game did beat out a competing football game on the NFL Network, but that’s still a premium channel not as widely available as TNT, which in turn, isn’t as widely broadcast as are Browns games.

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