LeBron James channeled 'Dodgeball' when he mercilessly pounded the ball off Kelly Olynyk's gut during an NBA game

  • LeBron James channeled 2004 comedy movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” during Monday’s slim win over Miami Heat.
  • James has been in intimidating form this season with a new Steph Curry-esque skill, extraordinary trick shots, and a high points-per-game average.
  • Now he has added cannonballing opponents to his scary arsenal.
  • Watch the move in the clip below.

This season, the LA Lakers star LeBron James has added a Steph Curry-esque skill to his repertoire, has pulled off extraordinary trick shots, and has an incredible points-per-game average (28.3 this season) helped no doubt by his 51-point haul in a single game last month.

Even at the worst of times it can be intimidating playing against James, but now he’s taking the ball and ramming it into the guts of his adversaries until they crumble to the ground and need a helping hand back to their feet.

That is what happened during the Lakers’ slim 108-105 win over the Miami Heat on Monday, as James channeled the 2004 comedy movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.”

It all started in the fourth quater when James battled to keep the ball in play, fired the ball at Heat center Kelly Olynyk, and then dodged the rebound.

Fortunately, Olynyk took it all in his stride and accepted James’ hand to get back to his feet.

Watch the scenes unfold below:

James returned a near-triple-double performance with 28 points, 12 assists, and nine rebounds, according to CBS Sports, in a match that was precariously poised throughout.

James and the Lakers are next in action on Friday, when they take on the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center in Texas. Only time will tell whether the Rockets will be able to dodge or block James’ balls.

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