Cleveland newspaper trolls LeBron James with headline teasing his return to town with the Lakers

Adam Glanzman/GettyLeBron’s hometown had a bit of fun with its headline to advertise James’ first game back in Cleveland with his new team.
  • LeBron James is set to return to Cleveland for the first time as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers on November 21.
  • In response to the news, a headline in The Plain Dealer trolled LeBron, advertising that “Lonzo Ball and Lakers” would be coming to town.
  • The paper added that “Former Cav James also expected to play” in a smaller print below.

When LeBron James announced his move to the Los Angeles Lakers, no one was more heartbroken with the news than his fans in Cleveland.

While LeBron had fulfilled his promise of bringing the city a championship, his second departure meant the city was once again something of a basketball afterthought – certainly no longer the perennial Finals contender they had been with James on the court.

It’s tough to be mad at James if you’re a Cavaliers fan, but that didn’t stop Clevelanders from getting a few jokes off when James’ return to the city in a purple and gold uniform was announced.

Chris Fedor of The Plain Dealer in Cleveland captured the city’s attitude exquisitely in a headline on Thursday, reading “Lonzo Ball and Lakers at The Q on Nov. 21,” adding just below in a slightly smaller font, “Former Cav James also expected to play.”

The passive-aggressive shot at James has been well-received online, and works as a fairly friendly jab at the superstar that took the Cavaliers to four straight Finals appearances.

James will make his debut with the Lakers on October 18 against the Portland Trail Blazers.

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